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On Sunday September 22, (and again on September 29) Art in the Park presents an exhibit of photographs and paintings of America’s horses titled Equines of the Equinox. The exhibit will open with a reception from 12 – 3 p.m. at WPA Gallery at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.  It will showcase the work of professional photographers Lisa Cohen and Alison Hartwell, and professional painter Rachel White.  What the three artists have in common – and what their work speaks so clearly to - is an abiding love affair with equines.


Lisa Cohen is a lifelong photographer who has been snapping pictures since she was big enough to hold a camera.  She employs her largely self-taught skills to tell a compelling story; the story of America’s horses.  Employing black-and-white photography with undertones of warmth, Cohen captures stirring images of horses both wild and domestic.  Through these images she strives to tell the story of America’s mustangs, feral horses and saddle horses.

The daughter of an artist, professional painter Rachel White was immersed in the world of fine art as a young girl growing up in her mother’s art studio.  In her childhood she accompanied her father hunting on horseback in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, fed her sandwiches to horses, and rode bareback on the family turf farm.  In recent years the memory of these childhood encounters with horses, and the fascination with equestrian events she developed later in life, has strongly influenced her choice of subjects as an artist.

Alison Hartwell has been specializing in equine photography for two decades.  She grew up riding and working at farms and horse shows.  Early in life she developed an abiding passion for all things equestrian, and she carries this passion into her photography.  A keen observer, Alison discovered there was much to learn about riding and the delicate balance that exists in interactions between horses and humans in equestrian sports.  Her work illustrates that balance as it frames the art equestrians see in what they do.

The show runs until November 2.  It will be staged in conjunction with two horse rescue organizations; 13 Hands Equine Rescue and Equine Rescue Resource.  Horses rescued by these groups will be on hand. 

Admission to the gallery is free.  The gallery is open on weekends from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.




Art in the Park program aims to comingle the appreciation and understanding of the natural world with its expression through art; to engage visitors of all ages and to encourage conversation, education and appreciation of visual and performing arts.


Art in the Park at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation brings changing exhibitions of sculpture, paintings, murals and a variety of forms of artwork to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation and soon to other Westchester County Parks.


General criteria and guidelines:

  • Exhibit affordable artwork; priced at $500 or below.

  • Seek and exhibit art that meshes with nature and environmental issues.

  • Give preference to local and regional artists.

  • Encourage student artists to participate.

  • Include performing artists.

Artists interested in exhibiting:  Contact Jeff Main - Curator (

  • Email Jeff Main, as above, with “Art-in-the-Park” in subject and include:

    • Representation of your artwork; brief bio; contact information.

  • US mail the same info above to Jeff Main, Curator, Art in the Park at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, PO Box 461, Cross River, NY 10518

  • Artwork or photographs must be framed or ready to hang

  • Specify sculpted work is indoor only or indoor/outdoor displayed

  • No submission fees​



Event Calendar – For information about future exhibits call Ward Pound Ridge Park Office at (914) 864-7317 or Westchester County website at


Art in the Park  Supporters:

Sigmund Cohn Family Foundation; Friends of Trailside Museum at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation; Katonah Art Stroll; the Hudson Valley MOCA; Katonah Museum of Art; Westchester Parks Foundation and the Caramoor Center for the Arts;

Art in the Park  Advisory Group:

Tom & Lisa Cohn, Kitley S. Covill, Patti Ivry, Jeff Main, Pat Normandeau, Linda Press Wolfe

Allison Hartwell

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